We act for the sake of the environment

Large amounts of waste are produced in the world every day, both by manufacturing companies and ordinary residents. The standard of living is rising, making people consumerists. Old, redundant things are replaced with new ones. The problem is not only the amount of plastic that it produces and its all around usage, but also textiles, electrical appliances and cardboard boxes. The problem is urgent, so you should act right away.
We decided to find the best, modern techniques of waste management, with a view to dealing with them in a way that cares for our entire environment.
Our company, together with scientists working at various universities, are constantly planning innovative methods of managing wastes.
We are working on solutions that will be practical, economical and ecological.
Our planet’s capacity is limited, landfilling is not an appropriate waste management solution that can be used in many other ways. You have to act right now!

A world filled with garbage

Did you know that, based on data from the World Bank, in 2016, 2 billion tons of waste was generated worldwide. According to statistical forecasts, without immediate action, by 2050 the amount of generated waste will increase by 70%. According to Silp Kaz, one of the authors of the report, waste that has not been managed or has been managed incorrectly has a significant impact on the environment. The costs of counteracting such catastrophic effects are many times higher than the costs of developing and managing simple and effective waste management systems.
– each inhabitant of the Earth generates 800g of garbage daily, but these values vary depending on the wealth of the country and may range from 100g to 5kg! This amount, in medium and low-developed countries, may increase by 40% by 2050.

Waste in Poland:
– in Poland, 90% of waste is industrial waste, with a constant, inevitable stream.

– this waste has a solid, liquid form with different physico-chemical characteristics, and raw materials that can be reused.

– this waste is produced not only by factories, but also hospitals, warehouses and construction plants.

– the average person in Poland produces over 300 kg of garbage during the year.

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