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Katowice 40-142
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Our Team

Mariusz Żochowski


Katarzyna Barteczka

Member of the Board


Environmental protection specialist

Agnieszka Stroniewska-Wojtczak

Logistics Manager


Waste management specialist

About Us

Who We are?

The MGR Recykling company was established to fight the global environmental crisis. We believe that modern technologies and people with passion can change this world for the better.

We strive to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world. We meet environmentally friendly standards. We believe that every problem can be solved, so we are constantly looking for ways to solve the biggest environmental problems. We act honestly, courageously and transparently, and our actions are guided by the idea of ​​sustainable development.

Our job is to collect waste, but people are our daily routine!

MGR Recykling has been operating since November 27, 2017. Thanks to the approach based on cooperation and specialist knowledge, we work with the largest Polish companies, helping them in waste management.

We focus primarily on interpersonal relationships. We use the strength of our team, which consists of exceptional people united by a common cause. We invest in employees. We select specialists who want to make this world a clean and more friendly place.

Contact us! And together we will discover a way in which we can help your company.


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